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The DISC model identifies 2 environments that determine the personality profile: Natural Profile : The natural DISC profile is the one that you show in private environments, in those situations in which you feel comfortable or that are not marked by specific rules or protocols. Or in high-voltage situations. Adapted Profile : This is the personality profile that we display in regulated environments. Typically it is what you will see in the work environment. When you analyze the personality profile in demanding environments (adapted environments or work environments) we can see relevant changes in behavior. If your work demands a greater relationship with people, surely the dimension of influence of the natural personality will be enhanced; If the requirement is focused on rigorously following processes and procedures, surely the impact will be in the dimension of compliance. This part is extremely interesting because we can analyze the potential natural fit between the demands of a job and the natural behavior of a person applications.

At this point you may be wondering: great, and what is all this for me? I have identified three clear levers in which the DISC test application can add value: Talent assessment : First of all, and following the final comment in the previous point, it helps you see the natural fit between business email list the personality of the individual and the demands of the job. From the outset I would tell you that above all it is useful for the "discards" of the most extreme poles. I would not recommend putting a person with the Compliance and Stability dimensions developed in positions that require constant and deep contact with people, because it will generate a tendency for tension between natural and adapted behavior. But in any case, what I certainly do not recommend is making decisions based only on the result of the DISC.

Complement that evaluation with others , to be able to support with greater strength the decisions you make. Personal/professional development : The DISC is a fantastic tool to understand many things. First it helps you make sense of certain conflicts you may have with other people. If you are a person with a highly developed Dominance dimension, you will tend to have conflicts with those with a highly developed Stability dimension. And it's common sense. Dominants, who are usually action-oriented and relational (with a point of impatience and direct communication) clash with Stables, who are usually calm, indecisive, unlikely to speak their minds if you don't ask them.


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