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Programming language C is one of the oldest and most popular programming languages. It is "light" and fast, so it is used where high performance is needed. For example, to create drivers, operating systems or software for microcontrollers. At the same time, C is difficult to learn - a lot has to be written from scratch. If you compare programming languages ​​with cars, then C is a racing car, uncomfortable on city roads, but very fast. Where is used. C is used to create drivers, write operating system kernels, and write libraries for Python and other languages.

How much do programmers get paid. In Moscow, a C developer earns on average  In other cities, salaries are Netherlands Mobile Number List lower - from Why study ordinary people. C is not a language in which you can easily write a smartphone application or a smart home program. But you can start learning programming languages ​​with it. Learning is not easy, but if you do it, you will understand the principle of operation of almost all other languages. Java programming language Java is a cross-platform language with a large number of libraries and a large developer community. Cross-platform is the ability to write a program once and immediately use it on several operating systems: Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Thanks to the Java libraries, it is suitable for almost everything: orking with graphics, sound, creating small games. And in a large community, a novice developer can easily find ready-made pieces of code for various tasks and answers to almost any questions. Programmers use libraries to make programs faster. A library is a set of ready-made programs, objects and functions for solving typical tasks. Where is used. Java is the language for everything. It is used to write mobile applications for Android, programs for microwave ovens and servers. The Kotlin language is increasingly being used to develop mobile applications. But Java has already written a lot of applications that.


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